Wool Diaper Covers – A Current Assessment

A few months ago, Caedmon decided it was fun to take his diaper cover off.  The velcro tabs were just all too easy to pull.  This led me on a quest for an alternative to my beloved Bummi Whisper Wraps (specifically in froggie pond print).  The most obvious choice was the Super Snap.  I tried one of those when Caedmon was a newborn and didn’t like it because it’s kind of a pain to put on (and it only comes in boring white), but it’s also a little more difficult to take off.  So into the cart went the Bummi Super Snap.  After looking through the other options, I allowed myself to amble over to the wool section.

Ah, wool.  Nice, natural, nothing added wool.  It keeps popping up in all my favorite natural parenting places.  It’s something I hadn’t tried because it sounded like a lot of extra work (I don’t care how pretty something is, if it says handwash, it’s not going in my basket.), and it’s expensive.  But I had read about one mom who switched to wool because we don’t really know how safe the chemicals that go into PUL (the waterproof lining of most diaper covers) are.  That seemed like a good point.  It is more natural.  And since most wool covers pull on like pants, it was likely that it would stay where I put it (Caedmon has not yet reached the point of taking his pants off on his own, although I’m sure he could.).  So into my cart went the wool diaper covers.

Here’s the current assessment:  They are super cute, they seem comfy, and they really wouldn’t be that hard to care for if you really only had to wash them once a month as recommended.  Here’s the problems:  They stretch out.  Maybe I bought them too big because after about a day of wear the crotch is hanging down around Caedmon’s knees.  That’s bad enough, but then because they are so loose, poop falls out!  Not only does poop fall out on the floor, but it also gets on the wool cover which means I have to wash it almost every time he poops.  

I don’t know if I did something wrong in the care or if I just bought them too big, but any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and he stopped taking his cover off about the time I got the new ones in the mail…

Note: If you are interested in cloth diapers, I highly recommend Green Mountain Diapers. They are awesome!  I’m not sure I would have ever tried or figured out cloth diapering without them.

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